About me

The Story of My Experiments in Creativity

I live in Mumbai and am a practicing artist and designer. My initiative Co-Create Art uses Art as a tool for therapy and inner-transformation. Co-Create Art seeks to facilitate engagements which instill values, experience re connection with self and culture. It hopes to reignite a feeling of Inspiration which is so intrinsic to joy into our daily lives.
For several years, I have been experimenting with workshops in the spirit of “Art with Heart”; Offering beauty to the world by integrating the love in our hearts with skill in our hands.

I spent almost half a decade at the Gandhi Ashram in Sabarmati, Ahmedabad; committedly serving with underprivileged children and women, in sanitation and crafts and cultural revitalization. A deep learning in living a life of gift culture resulted from serving daily for one year on the floor at Seva Café (a gift-economy experiment restaurant) Then going on to be a part of the founding team for Moved by Love, an inclusive world-family which creates platforms for experiments in kindness and generosity; We have been conducting 3-day gift- economy (Head, Heart and Hands) Retreats over the past 2.5 years.

In what now feels like another lifetime, I graduated from CEPT (The Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology, Ahmedabad) and practiced commercial architecture and design for several years before moving on to address a deeper question “How can design be used today to serve society. The enriching process thereafter is my constant endeavor; To create beauty, Add value and Connect hearts. I’ve begun to trust that serving with pure intentions holds the key to looking at the world with a deeper, and clearer perspective.







8 thoughts on “Home

  1. Shail

    Hey Lahar!

    We met yesterday at ashish’s house. I’m just reading your gratitude book this morning and wanted to let you know that it’s beautiful! I love your kind spirit, and that warm vibe that you exude. My son also loved all the beautiful connections yesterday, even though he is a little shy. 🙂 thank you for all that you are doing in this world.

    Lots of love,

  2. vikram k. m

    hi from vikram bangalore.CAn we conduct the creative giving workshop done at TERI complex in bangalore too.believe lots of warriors of compassion and love could involve in churning out love and make a small difference around here.i volunteer TMD for the same.angels do walk on earth.even if they are human in form.

  3. Sonal shah

    We have been using your book of gratitude for 21 days at sharan hosted by nandini gulati.
    I wanted 35 books to take back to kenya. I’m going to be at trident bandra kurla center 28th, and 29th nite.
    please advise if you have enough copies and how much will it cost.

  4. Amanda

    I have a copy of your 21 Days of Gratitude book and was wondering where i could get more? I think they would make amazing gifts! 🙂

  5. Nimisha Desai

    Hi I am Nimisha from Vadodara…Very inspiring and insightful journey within ……I saw your notebook on gratitude……amezing Lahar would love to share and exchange our thoughts to be with society…if you don’t mind, pl send me your contact number, I would love to talk to you… I am Nimisha from Olakh a feminist resource, counselling and training centre…to know more pl visit us

    Warm welcome to Olakh


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